Membership Applications


Note: You are applying to be a member of the Oak Ridge Swim Club located in Oak Ridge, NC. (There is an Oak Ridge Swim Club located in Virginia - We are not affiliated with said club.)


We are a member-owned swim club.  Our bylaws stipulate the number of stock shares that we issue for membership.  New stock shares are only issued when current members choose to sell their stock and conclude their memberships. Time spent on the waitlist will fluctuate and and cannot be predicted or guaranteed.  Please do not email our info or membership email accounts and ask how long our wait is.  We will not be able to answer this for you. 

The best strategy for obtaining a membership is to apply as soon as you think you would like to join.  New memberships are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis throughout the year as memberships become available.   We have a wait-list to join our pool (which is updated monthly online), so apply today!

Membership Fees

$50.00     Application Fee

$250.00.   Initiation Fee

$900.00    Stock Purchase Price

$575.00    Annual Membership Dues

$1,775.00 Total

Please complete the attached Membership Application if you would like to join our waitlist.  The application fee is $50.00.  The payment of your fee is required to complete your application.


If accepted for membership, the account holder (and the family members included in your account) must agree to abide by the Oak Ridge Swim Club by-laws and follow all pool rules. 


The account holder must agree to pay all fees promptly when billed, including the fees/stock purchase price listed on this page.


Annual renewal dues and any assessments must be paid by May 1st of each calendar year or the member will be subject to a 10% late fee.  Any dues not paid by May 31st will result in immediate loss of stock. 


You can check the status of your application by contacting our Membership Chair via email at