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Oak Ridge Swim Team


  • Black and White Meet:  The Black and White meet will be held on June 1st.  This is a meet that allows our coaches to have baseline times and prepare meet line ups.  Volunteers will be needed for this meet.  If you are new to the swim team, this will be a great chance to learn from a veteran.   


  • Communication: Summer Swim has a lot that happens during a short amount of time.  To make sure you stay up to date on everything, we strongly recommend that you sign up for Remind.  Go to and enter code ge6e49  This will be the fastest way to update everyone regarding practice changes/updates.  We will also send out a Remind to let you know when important emails are sent to the team.  You can also send a message through Remind to the coaches if at the last minute you need to pull out of a meet (it will only be sent to Jacob, not the whole team).  We also encourage you to check out the website.  If you have concerns you would like to discuss with the coaches, please send an email to  This will allow coaches to focus on the kids at practice.  Also be sure to check folders for ribbons and info.


  • Meet Day:  Morning practice will be held on meet days.  Meets usually start around 5:30 which means that warm ups usually start around 4:15.  Warm up times will vary depending on if we are home or away.  Parking at home meets will be across the street at the elementary school to allow for this visiting team to park in our lot.  


  • What to bring:  It can be extremely hot so hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  You also will want to make sure everyone has plenty of water and snacks.  The grill will be open during home meets with a limited menu.  Your swimmer will need their swimsuit, goggles and swim caps.  They also may want to have 2 towels as well as a sweatshirt or jacket because it can get cool once the sun goes down and they are wet.  Parents may also want to bring chairs.


  • Sharpies:  While it is our hope to have heat sheets to you before the meet, it is sometimes out of our control because we may be waiting on the other team to send in their entries.  As soon as we have them, we will make them available to you.  We will also have them posted at the swim meet.  The sharpies are for marking your child’s events.  You will write your child's name on their back and on their arm, you will write your child’s event number, heat number and lane number.


  • Volunteers: Swim meets, especially home meets, take an extraordinary amount of people.  Below are descriptions of different volunteer positions.  There is a 1st shift and a 2nd shift.  There will be a sign up genius each week so you can sign up for the time that works best for you.


  1. Runner:  Bring entry cards from timers to scoring tables and collect DQ slips from stroke and turn and bring to meet referee to initial and then to scoring table

  2. Clerk of Course: Organizes and seats the swimmers by heat and lane. 

  3. Hospitality: Prepare snacks and drinks and walk around the pool providing refreshments to volunteers and coaches throughout the swim meet. 

  4. Ribbon Labeler: You sit at a table placing pre-printed labels on ribbons indicating the swimmer's event, age, group, time, and place. Then you file the ribbons alphabetically so swimmers can pick up their ribbons the next day. 

  5. Stroke and Turn Judge: Must be certified by CSA  Determines if each swimmer is swimming the stroke legally as defined by USA Swimming Rules. It is the responsibility of the S&T judge to disqualify any swimmer whose stroke, start, turn, or finish is illegal. 

  6. ORCA Tank: Lining swimmers up to be taken to Clerk of Course

  7. Head Timer: Start stopwatches at the beginning of each event.  If a timer misses the start or stopwatch doesn’t work, they get the timer from the head timer.  The head timer can also fill in if someone needs a bathroom break

  8. Timers: Time the swimmers in each race using stopwatches proved by each team. 2 per lane

  9. Heat Treat Winners: Pass out treats to heat winners.

  10. Data Entry: Enter times for each swimmer and DQs.  Perk - you are in air conditioning for this one

  11. Clean-up: Clean up after meet


  • City Meet: is a three-day event that includes the entire community and all of the community swim teams. It is held at the Greensboro Aquatic Center (the GAC) and serves as the culmination of the community swim season.  It will be July 6th-8th.  We will have a meeting June 27th with more information but we would love all our swimmers to participate.


  • Swim for Cancer: Every year swimmers raise money and see how many laps they can swim during practice - all for a good cause! 


  • CSA Form: Every swimmer must fill out the CSA form online in order to participate in the first dual meet.  Please check your email for the link and fill it out ASAP.   


  • Bigs and Littles: Each swimmer will be assigned a buddy.  At each home meet, we will provide a small treat for each swimmer.  Our hope is that Bigs will come collect the treat with their Little and cheer them on during their events.

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