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Board of Directors - Self Nomination

At the end of August 2023, we will have a vacant seat on our Board of Directors.  We are currently accepting self-nominations for these seats.  

Per our Organization's By Laws:


Section 1. The Corporation shall be managed and governed by a Board of Directors consisting of no less than 9 nor more than 12 members.

Section 3. A member can serve on the Board of Directors for two successive 3-year terms. The Board of Directors shall have the ability to extend a Board member’s term, for no more than one (1) year, with a 3⁄4 majority vote. A member that has previously served on the Board of Directors would be eligible to be reelected as a Board member after being off the Board for a minimum of one three-year term.

We are an active and engaged Board of Directors. Each of our Directors oversees certain areas of our Swim Club.  If you do not have the time and commitment to assist our Board with volunteering, this would not be a good fit for either party.


Per our bylaws, nominations will be accepted until Thursday, August 31st, at midnight. Afterwards, absentee ballots will be available at the front desk for those Members unable to attend the Annual Meeting.


The Board of Directors will notify all members Sunday, August 28th, with the list of Members who have nominated themselves for the ballot.

ORSC Board

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