Board of Directors - Self Nomination

The Oak Ridge Swim Club Board of Directors currently has one open seat on its Board.  

Per our Organization's By Laws:


Section 1. The Corporation shall be managed and governed by a Board of Directors consisting of no less than 9 nor more than 12 members.

Section 3. A member can serve on the Board of Directors for two successive 3-year terms. The Board of Directors shall have the ability to extend a Board member’s term, for no more than one (1) year, with a 3⁄4 majority vote. A member that has previously served on the Board of Directors would be eligible to be reelected as a Board member after being off the Board for a minimum of one three-year term.

Our Board of Directors are an active Board with each serving director functioning with an area of business.  We are currently looking for a member who has experience and willingness to assist us with finding local businesses interested in sponsorships.  This would include the Club as a whole and the Swim Team.


If you are interested in serving on our Board of Directors, please complete the form below no later than Friday, September 4th.   

A list of nominees will be published to the membership with notice of our Annual Meeting on September 5th.